GWR Art Gallery

Founded in 2018 between France, Russia and Cyprus, Great White Rabbit (GWR) Art Gallery is an artist-run online art gallery exhibiting original art created by Artist Diana Malivani, the founder and owner of the Gallery. GWR Art Gallery sells oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings to art lovers, collectors and investors all over the world, and combines online and offline exhibitions. The name of the Art Gallery comes from the eponymous children’s book, The Great White Rabbit, originally written and illustrated by Diana Malivani for her young daughter Michelle.


Diana Malivani


"Diana Malivani passionately conveys her effervescent personality through each graceful touch of paint to canvas and her use of texture manifests itself as a creative haven upon which she symbolically cultivates organic pastures that possess the ability to simultaneously induce calm and empower the viewer."

Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics